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Meet the challenges of corporate transition with the help of our expertise 

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Are you looking to improve your company's performance, manage problematic situations and optimize your employees' skills?


GC Affairs is there to help you.


Our team has the experience, expertise and personalized approach to help you achieve your business goals. We are committed to helping you successfully navigate through any period of transition and change. Ready to take on the challenge with us?



Your ally in bouncing back from professional changes, managing problematic situations at work, strengthening the health of your company and maximizing the potential of your employees.

  • Company and employees health

  • Improvement of Profitability

  • Sustainability, growth and development

  • Business takeover and transfer

  • Transition and Transformation

  • Turnaround

Icone Expertise
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  • Yield improvement

  • Changes and transitions

  • Commercial re-positioning, value chain

  • Organizational Strategy

  • Skills Optimization

  • Corporate culture, commitment and loyalty

  • Stress, burnout, harassment,...

  • Owners and/or shareholders

  • Management bodies

  • CEOs

  • Reporting line

  • Workers

  • Market or non-market sector

  • Private & public

  • Industrial & tertiary

  • Project leader

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Transition management

Manages a company in order to facilitate its transition from stage A to stage B.

Overall diagnosis

Analysis of the maturity of all sectors of the company and highlighting of possible areas for improvement.


Our team of professionals works with companies, their managers and their employees.

We help you bounce back during professional changes and transformations.

Our professionals

Company Founders, Directors, Managers and CEOs

Business transformation coaches

Adult training specialists

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Ready to face your professional challenges?

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We will answer you as soon as possible.

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