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Illustration Diagnostic

Global Diagnosis

The global diagnosis of a company is the analysis of the maturity of all its sectors and the highlighting of possible areas of improvement, in sight of a subsequent intervention.

Governance Audit

Governance is the set of processes and structures put in place to inform, manage and lead the activities of the organization, in order to achieve its objectives.

The governance audit verifies compliance with the rules or standards and carries out an inventory, intended for the partners.

Background Audit
Background management

Transition management

Transition management provides temporary management of a company in order to facilitate its transition from stage A to stage B.

It can be a replacement during a vacancy or the reinforcement of the piloting during a transfer of company.

Therapy & Coaching

Treatment of issues arising from the world of work through an integrative approach, in the form of individual or collective support.
On the basis of the analysis of the problem, the person or the group is directed towards a therapeutic process of care, provided by health professionals, or towards targeted coaching on a specific project.

Background Formations

Areas of intervention

  • Team Building

  • Leadership and management

  • Corporate culture and productivity

  • Motivation at work

  • Psychosocial risks

  • Stress management and burnout prevention

  • Conflict management, prevention and treatment

  • Change management

  • Confidence and self-esteem

  • Work-life balance

  • Negotiation and mediation

  • Social dialogue

  • Collective intelligence

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